Uplift Campuses

Uplift Education operates 17 campuses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

We have locations in:

Municipality  Campus  15-16 Grades  Additional Information
Irving  Uplift North Hills Prep  K-12  

 Uplift Infinity Prep  K-10  planned K-12
West Dallas  Uplift Williams Prep  K-12  

 Uplift Heights Prep  PK-11  planned PK- 12

 Uplift Triumph Prep  K-4  planned K-5
East Dallas and Downtown  Uplift Peak Prep  PK-12  PK will be added in 2015
   Uplift Luna Prep  K-12  West End (K-5): Deep Ellum (6-12)
   Uplift Pinnacle Prep  K-5   
Southwest Dallas  Uplift Hampton Prep   K-12  
  Uplift Gradus Prep   PK-2 new PK-5 campus
Arlington  Uplift Summit International Prep   K-12  
Grand Prairie  Uplift Grand Prep   K-3, 6-8 planned K-12
  Uplift Lee   K-2 new K-5 campus
Southeast Fort Worth  Uplift Mighty Prep   K-10 planned K-12
  Uplift Meridian Prep   K-4 planned K-5
For our schools, we focus on underserved communities where more high quality, free public education choices are needed.
uplift school map