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Uplift Mighty

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Uplift Mighty Prep is in the process of identifying the specific list of extracurricular activities that will be offered for our inaugural school year. Here are some highlights that scholars can expect:
  • Encouraging, fun clubs and after-school athletics activities
  • Traveling across the United States to visit colleges
After school care for Uplift Mighty Prep is available through:

Boys and Girls Club - Eastside Center
4651 Ramey Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76105
Boys and Girls Club - Safe Haven/Martin Center
3123 Avenue G
Fort Worth, TX 76105
(817) 413-8222

YMCA Southeast Branch

2801 Miller Avenue Fort Worth TX 76105

Parents must register and attend any mandatory meetings to sign up for the after school care program. Also, a transportation release form must be filled out for school records.
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