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The Uplift Road to College Program
Alumni Internship Opportunity with Uplift! 

Uplift's Road to College program

Through ongoing support and connection throughout a scholar’s middle, high school and college years, Road to College creates a culture of success that leads to graduation, enrollment, and college persistence by preparing scholars academically, financially, practically and socially for college and the world beyond.

Our Graduates

The RTC program

College Trips
Meet some of our graduates who have gone on to pursue their passions in college.

We provide academic and college counseling, as well as alumni support. 

Each year, we send more than 2,000 students on trips to colleges across the country.

About the Program
All students in grades 6-12 are enrolled in RTC, a comprehensive program to prepare them academically, financially, practically and socially for college enrollment and success.
The program includes academic preparation and support, college research and exposure, assistance with college applications and financial aid, and transition to college success. This is accomplished through a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum; support for students before any academic issue becomes a crisis; and a personal approach through counseling, mentoring and peer community that engage students through small groups and one-on-one exchanges.
We also provide exposure through annual college trips – local, regional, and eventually national. These trips can be extremely important for our students, providing a tangible sense for our students of what college is like and makes real the goal of college enrollment and success.


 College Signing Day
At College Signing Day each spring, we celebrate all the work our seniors have done to prepare for college. They get to walk the stage and announce where they will graduate from in four short years!
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